Sur­vival of The Fittest

Some More Sur­vival Stal­warts light­ing the way

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Ark: Sur­vival Evolved

for­mat: multi this heady mix of sci-fi tech with pre­his­toric crea­tures con­tin­ues to be a pop­u­lar test for sur­vival game fans. craft, loot and ex­plore your way up the food chain and team up with other wan­der­ers for some epic bat­tles. Ark con­tin­ues to de­liver ex­cit­ing new con­tent and ex­pe­ri­ences.


for­mat: pc a new early ac­cess re­lease that’s get­ting a lot of at­ten­tion, SCUM places you on an is­land as a con­victed crim­i­nal left to fight for your life against other con­victs for the en­ter­tain­ment of the pub­lic. it has crazy lev­els of cus­tomi­sa­tion and mea­sures things like me­tab­o­lism.


for­mat: pc un­known Worlds en­ter­tain­ment’s of­fer­ing leans more on ex­plo­ration than sur­vival as it drops you on an alien, wa­ter-dom­i­nated world and you are left to try and piece to­gether a life for your­self. the ecosys­tem is stun­ning and the tech­nol­ogy you can craft is re­ally in­ter­est­ing.

no MAN’S Sky

for­mat: multi re­cently given a new lease of life with its Next up­date and launch on xbox one, No Man’s Sky is a great ex­am­ple of how a sur­vival ex­pe­ri­ence can grow and im­prove with the right up­dates and com­mu­nity feed­back. it’s now a much richer and in­volved ex­pe­ri­ence.

don’t Starve

for­mat: multi one of the orig­i­nal break­out sur­vival hits, Don’t Starve has seen some in­ter­est­ing spin-off adap­ta­tions and re­mains one of the most chal­leng­ing and var­ied sur­vival games around even though it’s essen­tially a 2d game play­ing against 3d com­pe­ti­tion. it just goes to show sys­tems and me­chan­ics mean more than graph­ics.

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