An overview of the Javelin suits that will make up your squad At launch

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Type: Bal­anced n A ver­sa­tile, all-pur­pose Javelin de­signed to be ad­e­quate at ful­fill­ing mul­ti­ple com­bat roles.

Ul­ti­mate Multi-tar­get Mis­sile Bat­tery

A pow­er­ful vol­ley of mi­cromis­siles that can tar­get and oblit­er­ate dozens of en­e­mies at a time with truly dev­as­tat­ing con­cus­sive force.


Ranger is the first Javelin that each An­them player will get their hands on and it will be used through­out the open­ing mis­sions. This class in­her­its a va­ri­ety of at­tributes from the other three Javelin mod­els avail­able at launch. It’s fast and pre­cise, but doesn’t nec­es­sar­ily al­low you to spe­cialise in any one dis­ci­pline.

Storm Type: tbc info: Mage

This Javelin uses el­e­men­tal force to deal out dam­age from afar, work­ing best when weav­ing through the air keep­ing dis­tance from di­rect en­coun­ters.


EA is yet to de­tail the Storm’s su­per abil­ity, but given that this suit’s fo­cus in around a com­mand of ki­ne­sis abil­i­ties we imag­ine it’ll be quite spec­tac­u­lar. Storm is de­signed for those that want to bring fo­cus and bal­ance to a squad. This suit will let you wield el­e­men­tal power, main­tain an ag­ile low-level hover through the ma­nip­u­la­tion of ki­netic en­ergy and even tele­port be­tween short spa­ces to evade dan­ger, al­though it does come with min­i­mal ar­mour pro­tec­tion to com­pen­sate for its mas­sive util­ity on the field.


Type: Heavy n A walk­ing tank, this heavy Javelin that can use its over­whelm­ing strength to dom­i­nate close-quar­ters com­bat.

Ul­ti­mate siege can­non

This is to be used to dec­i­mate a pow­er­ful foe from the field quickly, deal­ing dis­gust­ing amounts of dam­age to a sin­gle tar­get.


Colos­sus is for those play­ers that favour heavy fire­power and close­quar­ters vi­a­bil­ity at the sac­ri­fice of speed. The heavy con­struc­tion of the suit’s chas­sis means it has su­pe­rior ar­mour and is best used to deal high-dam­age com­bos in con­junc­tion with the other Javelins.


Type: rogue This Javelin suit is de­signed for those that love to cause prob­lems, us­ing speed to crip­ple and con­fuse groups of en­e­mies.

Ul­ti­mate tbc

EA has been keep­ing all de­tails of the In­ter­cep­tor close to its chest and as such, it is yet to re­veal much more than its mere ex­is­tence.


The In­ter­cep­tor ex­cels in get­ting in close to en­e­mies, in­flict­ing max­i­mum dam­age, and then whip­ping away be­fore they can re­act. It comes equipped with a va­ri­ety of of­fen­sive and de­fen­sive ca­pa­bil­i­ties, de­signed to let you sup­port your squad mates in a num­ber of dif­fer­ent ways. It isn’t the strong­est and it has lit­tle in the way of ar­mour, but the In­ter­cep­tor has un­ri­valled agility and eva­sion – a suit for play­ers that have mas­tered the ba­sics.

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