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CHAFFINCH MALE Muted colours of grey­ish-pink be­low, grey­ish-blue on the crown, with bold white flashes in the wing. CHAFFINCH FE­MALE AND YOUNG BIRDS Even more muted colours than the male, but shar­ing pale wing pan­els. GREEN­FINCH MALE Moss-coloured rather than grass-green, with yel­low flashes along the wing edge. Has a chunky, pointed bill. GREEN­FINCH FE­MALE AND YOUNG BIRDS Duller than the male, and young birds have fine streaks above and be­low. BULLFINCH The male is stun­ning, with sal­mon un­der­parts, grey back and black cap; the fe­male is a more faded ver­sion.

GOLDFINCH MALE AND FE­MALE Un­mis­take­able, with red face in a black and white head and gold flashes in black wings. GOLDFINCH YOUNG Has gold in the wings but a pale head, giv­ing it a dif­fer­ent ex­pres­sion un­til adult plumage emerges. SISKIN Small yel­low­ish-green finch with bold black and yel­low mark­ings, the male with a black cap and bib. RED­POLL Very streaky grey-brown finch, with a small red fore­head, and black bib. Males sport a pink breast in sum­mer. BRAM­BLING Sim­i­lar to chaffinch, but with or­ange breast and wing flashes, a black head, white belly and rump.

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