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Most of our finches man­age to com­bine good looks with vo­cal prow­ess. In fact, such is their tune­ful­ness they were once caught and sold by the tens of thou­sands for the Vic­to­rian cage­bird trade.

The best singer is per­haps the green­finch, whose song is rather like a ca­nary, with strings of sweet notes such as ‘wee wee wee, dibby dibby dibby, choop choop choop’. How­ever, the tin­kling song of the goldfinch is also very at­trac­tive and up­beat. There is one ex­cep­tion – the bullfinch. Its calls are an em­bar­rassed weedy pip­ing noise, like some­one try­ing to whis­tle short notes and fail­ing.

Green­finches sing strings of sweet notes

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