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Plant helle­bores, prune sum­mer clema­tis and watch out for late frosts. You can even start sow­ing seeds on a warm, sunny win­dowsill

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Plant an alpine con­tainer this month to ap­pre­ci­ate the del­i­cate flow­ers and fo­liage. You can of­ten find old stone troughs at recla­ma­tion yards for £100-£500; cheaper al­ter­na­tives are made from hy­per­t­ufa, re­con­sti­tuted stone or even fi­bre­glass. 1. Alpines need well-drained soil, so fill the trough with equal parts John Innes No.2 and coarse grit. 2. To create the look of a rocky slope, add larger stones and fill be­tween them with your gritty com­post mix to create plant­ing pock­ets for smaller alpines. 3. Use a trowel to make holes in the com­post. Tip plants care­fully from their pots and gen­tly tease out the roots. Pop them in the holes and firm them in. 4. Wa­ter them, then cover the sur­face with grit to help wa­ter drain away from plant crowns to pre­vent rot­ting.

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