Q Should globe ar­ti­chokes be treated like Jerusalem types?

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A Although both be­long to the daisy fam­ily, they’re very dif­fer­ent crops. Peren­nial globe ar­ti­chokes are Mediter­ranean plants and the part we eat is the flower bud. They like rich soil and full sun and can be left for a few years be­fore di­vid­ing and re­plant­ing. Jerusalem ar­ti­chokes, mean­while, are American na­tives re­lated to sunf low­ers. We eat the stem tu­bers that grow un­der­ground, like pota­toes. These heavy-crop­ping plants have to be lifted and re­planted into rich soil each year.

Globe ar­ti­chokes are sun-lov­ing peren­ni­als, while Jer­sualem types are tuber­ous

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