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A me­tal dust­bin lid turned up­side down of­fers the per­fect shal­low basin to al­low birds to bathe, and is cheap and in­cred­i­bly easy to make.

1. Choose an open area of the gar­den for your bird­bath, not too close to cover so that cats can’t lie in am­bush.

2. Lay out four bricks in a square. Bal­ance the dust­bin lid up­side down on the bricks so it’s sta­ble. Add some washed gravel to give birds more pur­chase when perch­ing.

3. Fill it with wa­ter – tap wa­ter’s fine. Clean it out and top it up reg­u­larly in hot weather; through­out much of the year, the rain will fill it for you.

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