Q What’s eat­ing holes in the leaves on my rasp­berry canes?

Peter Bai­ley, By email

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A Leaf dam­age on rasp­ber­ries is quite un­usual – usu­ally it’s birds that eat the fruit. Cater­pil­lars do nib­ble at the leaves and make holes, but this dam­age is just cos­metic and won’t harm the plants or af­fect the crop. It could also be cap­sid bugs, which are sap-suck­ing pests that usu­ally at­tack in hot weather. They af­fect the grow­ing tips of many plants and cause ragged holes in the leaves. Again this dam­age is usu­ally just cos­metic and, since the rasp­ber­ries are to be eaten, and bees pol­li­nate the flow­ers, it’s best not to spray with pes­ti­cides.

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