Q What are th­ese spores on my an­tir­rhinum plants?


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A Yel­low spots on the up­per leaf sur­face and dark brown spores be­neath are signs of an­tir­rhinum rust. This is a com­mon prob­lem with snap­drag­ons, es­pe­cially in ru­ral ar­eas where the air is clean as this al­lows fun­gal dis­eases to be­come es­tab­lished. Fungi­cides such as Fun­gusClear Ul­tra (£6.49 for 1L spray) and Bayer Fun­gus Fighter (£7.35 for 1L spray) of­fer some con­trol of the dis­ease if ap­plied early in the sea­son. Dig up and dis­pose of this year’s plants in your green waste bin (not your com­post heap). Next year, try a ‘rust-re­sis­tant’ seed mix and trim off af­fected fo­liage if any sign of rust ap­pears.

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