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I hate throwing plants away so when my wife Jill was about to throw a small fo­liage plant into the com­post heap re­cently, I de­cided to res­cue it. It’s a small spathiphyl­lum, or peace lily, that was on a win­dowsill in a spare room, and sadly ne­glected! The plant has a healthy root sys­tem, but is starved, so to save it I’m re­mov­ing all the old yel­low and dead fo­liage by cut­ting it back to pot level. Only the green, healthy leaves will be left. To en­cour­age new growth, I’m point­ing it into a slightly larger pot and if kept moist and in a light, warm po­si­tion, it should re­cover and make some new growth over au­tumn.

A hungry peace lily be­ing given a li le TLC

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