Q What are the warty nod­ules on my con­tain­er­grown ‘Rocket’ pota­toes?

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Daphne Wil­liams, Llan­wnda, Gwynedd A Many gar­den­ers will be fa­mil­iar with potato scab which is caused by or­gan­isms sim­i­lar to bac­te­ria, re­sult­ing in rough, scabby patches on the tu­bers. It’s par­tic­u­larly com­mon on dry, limey soils lack­ing or­ganic mat­ter. The symp­toms on your pota­toes are sim­i­lar, but the warty, dis­torted growths point to a dif­fer­ent dis­ease known as pow­dery scab. It’s caused by a fun­gal in­fec­tion and tends to be worse in wet con­di­tions.

Tu­bers with ei­ther dis­ease are fine to use, but they won’t store well. Both dis­eases can ex­ist in the soil, but if you used pot­ting com­post in your con­tain­ers, the dis­ease may have come with an in­fected seed potato. ‘Rocket’ is sus­cep­ti­ble to pow­dery scab, but if you’ve grown it suc­cess­fully be­fore, I wouldn’t be put off. If you’re look­ing for early ma­tur­ing al­ter­na­tives try ‘Ac­cord’ or ‘Vales Emer­ald’.

Pow­dery scab on pota­toes

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