What’s wrong with my fuch­sia plants?

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Q What’s the yel­low mildew on my fuch­sias?

Ca­role Ken­dall, by email

A It’s not mildew, but fuch­sia rust that’s spread by air­borne spores. It can in­fect plants out­side in sum­mer and early au­tumn, but can oc­cur year round on in­door fuch­sias. In se­vere cases yel­low blotches de­velop on the up­per leaf sur­face with or­ange, dusty pus­tules on the lower sur­face. Later, leaves shrivel and fall. If caught early enough, in­fected leaves can be picked off and the plants given a liq­uid fer­tiliser to boost vigour.

Bayer Fun­gus Fighter and Scotts Fun­gus Clear Ul­tra will both con­trol the dis­ease, but fuch­sias can be sen­si­tive to fungi­cides so do a test spray­ing on just a few leaves first and wait three weeks to see if any dam­age oc­curs. Your plant with dis­torted buds is al­most cer­tainly in­fected with fuch­sia gall mite (see GN Oc­to­ber 28). You could cut it hard back and de­stroy the de­bris, but you may want to bin the en­tire plant to avoid in­fect­ing your other plants.

Pick off any leaves as soon as you see signs of fuch­sia rust

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