Q How can I im­prove my lumpy com­post?

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Caro­line Bil­letop, by email

A If you add a good mix of ma­te­ri­als while build­ing the com­post heap they’ll of­ten rot down evenly to pro­duce good com­post. How­ever, we tend to have an ex­cess of green, ni­tro­gen-rich ma­te­rial in sum­mer from lawn clip­pings and other veg­e­ta­tion and more brown, car­bon-rich ma­te­rial in au­tumn and win­ter from dry leaves and other ma­te­rial.

Where you have a lumpy com­post, the only so­lu­tion is to turn it all out and re­fill the bin. This cru­cially gets oxy­gen into the mix and the ma­te­ri­als gen­er­ally rot down rapidly af­ter this ex­er­cise to pro­duce a fine, crumbly gar­den com­post. Im­por­tantly, keep the heap cov­ered to re­tain at least some heat and also to pre­vent the ma­te­rial get­ting sod­den with heavy win­ter rain­fall. How­ever, en­sure the heap is damp in the warmer months by adding a few buck­ets of wa­ter ev­ery so of­ten.

Reg­u­larly turn­ing your com­post should get oxy­gen into the mix and help it to rot down

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