Q Will grow­ing my toma­toes and cu­cum­bers in green­house soil be more suc­cess­ful?

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Paul Chan­dler, Droitwich, Worces­ter­shire A Grow­ing in the soil in your green­house will re­duce the need for con­stant wa­ter­ing. Pre­pare the soil by dig­ging in large quan­ti­ties of well-rot­ted gar­den com­post or farm­yard ma­nure prior to plant­ing next year. The bagged pro­cessed ma­nure from gar­den cen­tres is ideal.

If you grow toma­toes and cu­cum­bers in the same soil you’ll need to re­soil after a num­ber of years as disease prob­lems build up. This in­volves dig­ging out the old green­house soil to a depth of 45cm (18in) and re­plac­ing it with fresh from elsewhere in the gar­den.

Grow­ing bags work well for toma­toes and cu­cum­bers, but an ex­cep­tion­ally hot sum­mer makes wa­ter­ing very dif­fi­cult. In hot weather plants may need wa­ter­ing three or more times a day.

One way to tackle this is to sink bot­tom­less 10-litre pots into grow­ing bags and plant into them. The plants will then have a much greater vol­ume of com­post to root into, which also holds more wa­ter.

Grow­ing toma­toes di­rectly in the soil in the green­house will re­duce the need for con­stant wa­ter­ing

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