Leaf brown­ing

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Over­wa­ter­ing, un­der­wa­ter­ing, wind and heat cause brown edges to leaves – caused by de­hy­dra­tion (or lack of oxy­gen to roots in the case of over­wa­tered plants). If the soil's con­tin­u­ously wet, leaf edges will turn brown and the leaves will droop and ap­pear dull. If wa­ter can’t drain away, or is con­tin­u­ously reap­plied, the soil pores re­main filled with wa­ter, the roots can’t ab­sorb the oxy­gen they re­quire and they be­gin to de­cay. Having a healthy root sys­tem helps over­come these prob­lems – keep maples well-drain­ing, wa­tered reg­u­larly and con­sis­tently to elim­i­nate fur­ther harm. Shade maples in con­tain­ers through­out re­ally hot weather and mist fo­liage with a fine spray.

Acer leaves will nat­u­rally brown and fall once au­tumn is over

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