Toma­toes and banana power

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If you’re wor­ry­ing that your toma­toes don’t seem to be ripen­ing, don’t re­sign your­self to mak­ing green tomato chut­ney when you can help ripen the fruit while it’s still on the plant. Pu ing a ripe banana un­der­neath any green-fruited plants can help speed up the ripen­ing process. This is due to the eth­yl­ene gas given off by the fruit (that’s why your fruit bowl goes off so quickly if you have ba­nanas in it). Re­mem­ber to pick ripe toma­toes straight away. Now’s also the per­fect time to save tomato seeds to plant next year; don’t save F1 va­ri­eties as the seed will never grow true to type. Har­vest ripe fruit, scrape out the seeds and cover with wa­ter for 48 hours. This breaks down the jelly from around the seeds (don’t worry if you get green on top of the wa­ter, that’s nor­mal). Then rinse thor­oughly in a sieve or tea strainer, dry on a win­dowsill for a week and store in pa­per en­velopes un­til next year – it’s that easy!

Left, a ripe banana will speed up red­den­ing. Right, sav­ing the best seed

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