It’s time for some ac­tion on our plans!

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A fam­ily gar­den in Ast­ley Burf, Worces­ter­shire, with re­cently de­vel­oped beds and bor­ders.

Work has started on some changes we’re mak­ing to the gar­den. We made plans dur­ing long, hot sum­mer days, now it’s time for ac­tion! When we moved in we en­larged an ex­ist­ing flower bed, maybe mak­ing it too big. Some plants have grown too well and taken over, and ad­ding bindweed to the mix has just made a mud­dle.

We’ve started by dig­ging up all the herba­ceous plants – some are now in pots await­ing re­plant­ing and a new bed has been made at the edge of the or­chard. All late-sum­mer­flow­er­ing peren­ni­als have been re-planted here along with some grasses. How­ever, I’ve taken great care to pull up a peren­nial he­lianthus – al­though pretty, it’s a thug! Root­balls of other plants have been dunked in buck­ets of wa­ter to en­sure no traces of the he­lianthus es­cape else­where. Once the bor­der is clear we’ll turf it. Hope­fully con­stant mow­ing will erad­i­cate all fi­nal traces of the he­lianthus! Grasses planted in other parts of the gar­den are look­ing good, es­pe­cially when the af­ter­noon sun shines through them, and Cot­i­nus cog­gy­gria is liv­ing up to its name of ‘smoke bush’. I re­cently re­moved a lower branch from the cot­i­nus and found it had rooted. It’s now pot­ted up; hope­fully it’ll sur­vive and can even­tu­ally be planted in an­other area.

We wel­come all wildlife that vis­its, but I was a lit­tle alarmed re­cently as I went out of the back door to find a baby snake! At first, think­ing it was a lace from some­one’s boot, I nearly picked it up, luck­ily it moved! We’re pretty sure it was a grass snake, how­ever, there must be a big­ger one some­where and I rather hope I don’t en­counter it in the un­der­growth!

Read more about the gar­den at www.tales­fro­ma­coun­try­gar­den. word­

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