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The colder dry days are per­fect for the ‘hunt­ing’ par­ties from the al­lot­ment to go out search­ing for a sup­ply of good, well-ro ed horse ma­nure. There are plenty of sta­bles within a few miles of the al­lot­ments, so armed with lots of plas­tic bags the party set out. There’s truth in the say­ing ‘many hands make light work’! Many of these bags will re­main stacked along the path un­til deep into win­ter, when they’ll be spread over the plot.

Hav­ing re­cov­ered my com­post heap from the ram­bling pump­kin, I can now pre­pare heap num­ber two for use in two years’ time. All the green ma­te­rial which has been com­ing off the plot over the last few weeks can now be cov­ered with a few bags of ma­nure to help the de­com­pos­ing process. To cre­ate heat in the heap a piece of tar­pau­lin is fixed over it, which also pre­vents the nu­tri­ents be­ing washed away by the win­ter rains.

I’m build­ing up my com­post heap with ma­nure

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