Get al­li­ums go­ing now

Why not try a few new va­ri­eties of these easy-to-grow beau­ties?

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There’s still time to get lots of lovely al­lium bulbs in the ground or in pots – if you haven’t had time to plant them or missed a few, it’s best not to save bulbs un­til next time. Al­ways plant bulbs as soon as you can, even if it’s a month or two after you first bought them. Left for an­other year they may dry out or rot.

Al­li­ums are one of those plants that give bold, beau­ti­ful blooms for high im­pact and want lit­tle in re­turn – they’re low main­te­nance and as easy as pie to plant in pots or bor­ders. Ba­si­cally, in the ground they need to be planted 10-15cm (4-6in) deep and the same apart in very well-drained soil in full sun. In con­tain­ers, plant one bulb width apart in deep pots, 10-15cm deep (4-6in).

You may have your favourite bold, bright al­li­ums – per­haps the ever-pop­u­lar ‘Pur­ple Sen­sa­tion’, ‘Globe­mas­ter’ or A. cristophii, but why not try a var­ied mix? There are so many dif­fer­ent shapes and sizes. Dainty, small-bulbed al­li­ums are more de­mure but no less beau­ti­ful than their tall, eye-pop­ping bor­der cousins. A. oreophilum and A. uni­folium come in light pink and stand about 30cm (1ft) tall, while golden gar­lic ( A. moly) com­ple­ments these with a sim­i­lar form in bright yel­low. If blue’s more your colour, A. caeruleum is twice as tall in corn­flower blue, while ‘Red Mo­hi­can’ forms bur­gundy flower tufts, stand­ing 1m (3ft 3in) tall. Short, dumpy A. karataviense, at 25cm (10in) tall, has white-pink globe flow­ers, per­fect for a pot. And last but not least, try the tall va­ri­ety ‘Hair’, which has sprouts of wiry, mad­cap green ‘hairs’ as flow­ers! One for an un­usual vase dis­play.

They’re a large, di­verse group of plants, so ex­per­i­ment with a few more un­usual fam­ily mem­bers this year!

Corn­flower blue Al­lium caeruleum com­ple­ments pur­ple and pink va­ri­eties

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