Pros & cons au­tumn prun­ing

Some au­tumn con­di­tions will help your prun­ing regime while oth­ers will be a hin­drance

Gardeners' World - - Autumn Pruning Guide -


Soil mois­ture lev­els are high, so plants that are cut will be less stressed than in sum­mer, mean­ing they will re­cover well

Tem­per­a­tures and light lev­els are low, so re­growth will be slow. Prun­ing can be done once, then left un­til next year

Leaf coverage is re­duced, which means you’ll be able to see the struc­ture of trees and shrubs more eas­ily, to work out what to cut and what to leave be­hind on the plant


Frost risk is high in cold ar­eas. Avoid prun­ing that re­sults in lush growth that will be black­ened by au­tumn or win­ter frosts

Fun­gal dis­eases can thrive in damp au­tumn weather. Th­ese in­clude the co­ral spot shown on page 81 and sil­ver leaf in the cherry fam­ily

Wind is strong, so con­sider the ef­fect of a gale on any­thing you choose to prune now, as you may ex­pose shoots that haven’t tough­ened up

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