Plant­ing a rose in a pot

Fol­low our guide to get your con­tainer rose off to a good start

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large enough for the type of rose you want to grow (see p66), with plenty of drainage holes in the base. Fill it two thirds with a good qual­ity loam­based com­post, such as John Innes No3, mixed with a cou­ple of hand­fuls of gar­den com­post or well-rot­ted ma­nure.


on the roots. Place a bare-root plant on the sur­face and spread the roots out. With a con­tainer rose, re­move from its pot and plant at the same depth it was orig­i­nally.


around the rose with com­post mak­ing sure the bare-root plant is planted at the same depth as the soil mark on the stem. Press the com­post firmly down around the roots and top up with com­post if the level is too low.


and then mulch with a 5cm layer of gravel or crushed shells to help re­tain mois­ture. Place your rose in a bright spot that gets shade for some of the day so it won’t dry out too quickly and give it space so that air can cir­cu­late.

Us­ing slowre­lease gran­ules makes feed­ing roses easy Rais­ing the con­tainer off the ground en­sures that your rose won’t sit in soggy com­post

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