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In­vig­o­rate peren­ni­als for next year by di­vid­ing them now. It’s a good idea to do them be­fore they die back be­cause you can still iden­tify them. The ground is also still warm enough for the re­planted di­vi­sions to root out be­fore the win­ter. Leave more fleshy­rooted peren­ni­als, such as hostas and red hot pok­ers, un­til the spring.

CUT the old flower stems back then dig up the clump, along with plenty of its sur­round­ing soil and lift out from the bed. You can keep paths and lawns clean by mak­ing the di­vi­sions on a tar­pau­lin. PUSH two forks into the clump back to back but with the prongs al­ter­nat­ing. Make sure the forks both have a good pur­chase on the root sys­tem. PULL the han­dles away from each other to split the clump. Pull them back in again to sep­a­rate the pieces. You could use an old knife, sharp spade or even pull loose clumps apart by hand. RE­PEAT the process to get smaller clumps and se­lect the best, youngest growth from the out­side of the clump to re­plant. The old cen­tre can be dis­carded.





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