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Which plants? • Cacti What Cacti only need re­pot­ting ev­ery three to four years. Only move into a larger pot if the roots have reached the sides. If you are re­pot­ting into a more at­trac­tive pot, choose one roughly the same size. 1 Choose a pot just slightly larger, with drainage holes in the base. Use John Innes No.2, or gen­eral pot­ting com­post, with added grit. Wear gloves.


Squeeze the pot to loosen the roots. Wrap folded news­pa­per or thin card in a loop around the body of the cac­tus to lift it from its pot. 4 Add a layer of grit around the sur­face of the com­post. This helps stop the base of the cac­tus from rot­ting, and looks at­trac­tive. 3 Place it into its new pot. Fill around it with more of the com­post mixed with grit, firm gen­tly to re­move air holes. The top of the root­ball should still be at the sur­face of the com­post.

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