Sow seeds of hardy an­nu­als

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Hardy an­nu­als ger­mi­nate, grow and flower in one year and both the seed and the seedlings are hardy. For early flow­er­ing, sow now so that the young plants es­tab­lish be­fore win­ter. You can start them in pots or di­rectly in the bor­der. Sow into pots of multi-pur­pose com­post, plac­ing them in a cold green­house or frame. Young plants in pots can be planted out early next spring. Or, if sow­ing di­rect, clear some space in a bor­der and make some par­al­lel drills around 30cm apart. Sow into the drills and be ready to thin them out in the spring.

Stand pot­ted seeds in wa­ter for a while to moisten com­post

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