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Name Al­fie Ar­curi Age 29 Oc­cu­pa­tion Singer, win­ner of The Voice Australia

When I first knew...

The moment I re­alised that there was some­thing dif­fer­ent about me was when I had first hit pu­berty, age 11. I was at my par­ents’ hol­i­day house and I re­mem­ber go­ing to the show­ers at the beach and be­ing strangely at­tracted to the men – and I found my­self con­tin­u­ously and cu­ri­ously go­ing back and notic­ing men’s physiques more. From this point on I spent ev­ery day for the next 13 years try­ing to sup­press these thoughts, un­til I fi­nally came out at 24.

My com­ing out moment… The first per­son I came out to my best friend Elise. She thought I was go­ing to tell her that I was in love with her, but to her sur­prise she in­stead had a new best gay friend, which was her dream come true. It was such a re­lief once I fi­nally told her. Af­ter that, it was like a domino ef­fect. I told my sis­ters who told my par­ents and then in true Ital­ian style it was shared to the rest of my fam­ily.

The campest thing I’ve ever done… Prob­a­bly au­di­tion­ing for The Voice! I thought it was my way in with Ricky Martin. As my luck would have it, the year I au­di­tion he de­cides not to be a coach on the show. Re­cently the most camp thing is prob­a­bly my ob­ses­sion with watch­ing Ru­Paul’s Drag Race marathons.

My first gay club/pub… This hap­pened when I was about 21 and still not out – some­one I met on [hook-up site] Man­hunt con­vinced me to come out with them to a place in Syd­ney called ARQ. When we got there I felt so in­se­cure be­cause I was wor­ried some­one would recog­nise me. But we started danc­ing and all my fears went away. I had such an amaz­ing time be­cause, for the first time ever, I was with other peo­ple just like me and I felt so free!

My first gay kiss… Ahh, this was with a boy I met on Ya­hoo Chat. I was 18 at the time and felt so ter­ri­ble af­ter­wards like, I’d done some­thing so wrong!

When I lost my vir­gin­ity… It was with that same guy from Ya­hoo Chat – ev­ery time I was with him I’d rush home af­ter­wards and shower be­cause I felt like I was do­ing some­thing bad! I look back on it now and won­der why I felt so afraid. What be­ing gay means to me now… For so long I felt like I had to try and ‘fix’ my­self for be­ing gay be­cause it wasn’t ‘nor­mal’, but it hit me a few years ago when I re­alised be­ing gay ac­tu­ally makes me Al­fie – I wouldn’t be who I am and I wouldn’t be able to love peo­ple the way I do, or feel the way I do, or em­pathise with peo­ple the way I do, if I wasn’t gay. I def­i­nitely wouldn’t be singing or writ­ing mu­sic.

My gay record would be… It’d be my own record! All of my songs are about my ex­pe­ri­ences with men and grow­ing up gay! Peo­ple have said to me re­cently,

“Aren’t you wor­ried about alien­at­ing peo­ple when you sing about guys?” And my re­sponse is al­ways, “Well, I was alien­ated grow­ing up lis­ten­ing to songs about het­ero­sex­ual re­la­tion­ships.” I be­lieve if mu­sic is good and hon­est, peo­ple will con­nect re­gard­less. Love is love, so if you’re straight or gay you will be able to con­nect with the emo­tions I feel and write about in my songs. Favourite drink... Hen­dricks gin and tonic with fresh cu­cum­ber.

My big­gest crush is…

The first per­son that comes to mind is Chris Hemsworth, but I also have one on Sam Smith. I saw him live in Syd­ney a few years ago – he has some real swag­ger on stage, and that voice!

The gay film you must watch is… Hold­ing the Man. The story ac­tu­ally re­minded me a lot of my first re­la­tion­ship, which is also what the first song I wrote af­ter win­ning The Voice is about – If They Only Knew. On a Sun­day af­ter­noon you’ll find me... At The Beres­ford in Syd­ney or at home watch­ing Drag Race. What ad­vice I’d give my teenage self… I’d say, “Just do your thing Alf, your dif­fer­ence makes you spe­cial. One day it will all make sense and you’ll be able to tell your story in the most in­cred­i­ble way!”

My thoughts on love and marriage… Marriage isn’t some­thing I of­ten think about, prob­a­bly be­cause I haven’t been in love for quite some time. If I met the right per­son this would change. I know that some of the gay cou­ples in my life would love to have the same le­gal rights as my straight friends. I hope this changes in Australia.! The TV show that changed my gay world… Queer as Folk. I’d watch this as a teenager on mute be­cause I was wor­ried that if I learned the characters names, it would make me more gay. I should have a binge watch of Queer as

Folk now that I don’t have any­thing to hide! Oh, and the show that changed my adult gay world would be Drag Race – so good!

My gay hero is... Ellen De­Generes. For as long as I can re­mem­ber, she’s been strong, kind hearted and spreads such pow­er­ful mes­sages to the world about ac­cep­tance and equal­ity!



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