Cal­en­dar sea­son means only one thing – lots of hunks stripped down to their pants, of course. We get up close and per­sonal with Red Hot star Rob Smith.

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With Marvel Stu­dios’ latest su­per­hero film Thor: Rag­narok hit­ting the big screen this month, I turned to per­sonal trainer Ben Mudge – who’s ba­si­cally mini-Thor – to ask how to get the bod of a god. And when I say “mini-Thor”, I mean… ac­tual Thor.

Ben isn’t far off Chris Hemsworth in mus­cle mass and looks, but he’s also fight­ing a su­per­hero bat­tle with cys­tic fi­bro­sis. I’ve been fol­low­ing Ben on so­cial me­dia for a while and I got the chance to talk to the him about how to get a god bod. Thor!

You must get peo­ple do­ing a dou­ble take when they pass you in the street? Yeah! I’ve ac­tu­ally had that more of­ten than I would’ve thought! Two of the most mem­o­rable oc­ca­sions hap­pened in Florida and in a Tesco. I was in a shoe shop in a mall in Florida and the shop greeter said, “Damn man it’s Thor!”

And the Tesco en­counter was a child with his mum who looked at me and said, “Mum look, it’s Thor!” What is it about Thor that made you want to take on the man­tle as the God of Thun­der? A lot of men, gay and straight, re­ally love the char­ac­ter... I’ve al­ways liked the pow­er­houses of both Marvel and DC, but the more I learned about Thor, the more I liked the char­ac­ter. He’s flawed un­like Su­per­man, and yet he’s an ab­so­lute jug­ger­naut of a hero. I think the fact that peo­ple said I looked like him also gave me that at­tach­ment to him as well. Did you re­search some of the ways Chris Hemsworth bulked up for the role of Thor? I’ve read a bit about it. I think the amount of mus­cle tis­sue he put on is achiev­able in that space of time to an un­trained in­di­vid­ual who’s get­ting paid to do such. Ev­ery­one is very quick to say it’s steroids when they see some­thing like that. How­ever, they don’t re­alise that that was his JOB to get that mus­cle on. He had a trainer ev­ery day some­times twice a day, per­sonal chefs, and a fat pay check to keep him mo­ti­vated. I can only ad­mire his drive and hard work.

OK, so how does one get the god body? I want the god body… I’ve been train­ing now for ten-plus years – not all of them as con­sis­tent or as good in terms of op­ti­mal mus­cle growth – I have stuck at it though as I saw the ben­e­fits it was hav­ing to my cys­tic fi­bro­sis and my con­fi­dence. As I have learned more and more about the body and train­ing, I’ve found that there are much eas­ier ways of go­ing about it than I ini­tially thought. My big fo­cus on me and my clients is QUAL­ITY! How­ever, in the last few months to a year, I’ve stripped ev­ery­thing back to the ba­sics in terms of my ses­sions and even the ex­er­cises I choose.

I’m a huge fan of full body

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