Of­fended by an­gry driv­ers

Glamorgan Gazette - - Your Views - Mr Joe Barry Tondu

I WOULD like to write in due to my dis­may at some of the dis­cour­te­ous behaviour of some driv­ers in our lo­cal com­mu­nity.

Re­cently, I have seen more and more ex­am­ples of fu­ri­ous driv­ing in the county, with peo­ple driv­ing with no con­sid­er­a­tion for other peo­ple. For in­stance, last Tues­day af­ter­noon, I was standing at a pedes­trian crossing in Brid­gend town near Cheap­side. It is the busy crossing be­tween Wilkos and the “Farm Foods” food mar­ket.

I pressed the red but­ton to stop the flow of traf­fic. When the crossing man sign turned green, I walked half­way across the road, but then re­mem­bered I had left some let­ters in my car that needed to be posted. So, I turned around and crossed back to Asda car park from where I came. Be­cause of this, a driver in his six­ties who was in front of the line of wait­ing ve­hi­cles shouted out the win­dow at me, say­ing “you are just a prat mate”. I was very of­fended.

This was un­called for and un­nec­es­sary. I told him to “be quiet and be­have”, to which he just beeped his horn loudly.

Also around Christ­mas time last year, I was splashed by a car that drove through a muddy pud­dle close to the kerb. This time the driver didn’t even stop to ren­der any as­sis­tance or check if I was OK. I was ut­terly drenched with icy-cold, black, dirty wa­ter and had to go straight home.

I have also seen nu­mer­ous peo­ple who drive around with loud mu­sic play­ing and peo­ple who ac­cel­er­ate very fast to get down the road­ways quicker. Per­haps the coun­cil could em­ploy some war­dens to keep an eye on things?

I would like to po­litely re­quest that peo­ple be mind­ful of pedes­tri­ans crossing the road and re­spect oth­ers. To those fu­ri­ous driv­ers, please, if you can’t drive cour­te­ously, then you should ride on lo­cal buses or catch the trains in­stead. It is your poor behaviour that im­presses no­body… es­pe­cially me.

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