Land­lords speak out on ten­ants from hell

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RENT­ING out a home isn’t al­ways easy. Land­lords across Greater Manch­ester have been shar­ing their hor­ror sto­ries about ten­ants from hell – and the dam­age and filth they of­ten leave be­hind.

“The po­lice called me up and told me they’d found a cannabis farm at one of my prop­er­ties. They said that they found it us­ing ther­mal imag­ing,” said a land­lord who has rented out homes in Greater Manch­ester since 1995.

“When they raided the place, they found £50,000 ly­ing on the ta­ble that had been left.

“The peo­ple didn’t care about it. They just did a runner.

“This has hap­pened to me twice and it’s quite com­mon, ac­cord­ing to the po­lice.”

“Be­cause it was linked with crim­i­nal ac­tiv­ity, our in­sur­ance com­pany were un­will­ing to pay out. The ten­ants were in there for about six months and they wrecked the place.

“It cost me thou­sands to fix. I think even­tu­ally I got about £12,000 but I had to pay around £15,000 in costs – so I lost money.

“It hap­pened again to me, this time in Wi­gan. The ten­ants there were only in there for about three or four months and caused around £3,500- worth of dam­age. The cost in­curred de­pends how many holes they dig in the walls. The big­ger the house the more dam­age is caused. But don’t be sur­prised, this is quite com­mon.

“I’ve found you need to have a few prop­er­ties work­ing when one goes wrong, and one will al­ways go wrong.

“I had a house in Rochdale, which was al­most de­stroyed by a cou­ple. The man was steal­ing all the metal pipes and wiring from the house.

“He ripped out all of the elec­tri­cal ca­bles and plumb­ing – the house flooded.

“To top it all, I couldn’t do any­thing about it, the po­lice wouldn’t do any­thing. They said that it wasn’t ac­tu­ally theft, be­cause he was liv­ing there.

“And the in­sur­ance com­pany wouldn’t do any­thing ei­ther.”

A Stock­port land­lord said of one ten­ant: “She had been there for about eight years and we used to do six monthly check ups. There was never a prob­lem, she was lovely.”

“Then one day, the day be­fore rent was due, a fam­ily mem­ber put her keys through my let­ter­box.

“Ap­par­ently, she had dis­ap­peared, she was gone. They said that I could keep the de­posit but it didn’t even touch it. ●

“I went into the house and it was com­pletely trashed and cost me about £10,000 to repair ev­ery­thing.

“It was so strange. She lit­er­ally never missed a pay­ment.”

In an­other in­ci­dent with bad ten­ants, the mat­ter reached break­ing point af­ter neigh­bours revealed that the cou­ple rent­ing the prop­erty had aban­doned it sud­denly.

“There was rub­bish ev­ery­where, the doors were all bro­ken, all the car­pets ● had been very badly stained and there were large holes in the wall.

“The kitchen was dis­gust­ing and filthy, there were stains ev­ery­where and in­sects in the car­pets.

“When we con­tacted the ten­ants about the dam­age, they told us to take back our de­posit, but that wasn’t even close to how much it cost to fix the house.

“We ended up tak­ing more than 50 rub­bish bags to the tip. The walls all needed re­plas­ter­ing and all the car­pets needed re­plac­ing. My wife was about to go on ma­ter­nity leave and we ended up us­ing all our sav­ings to pay for the re­pairs. We were also left to pick up their un­paid bills. In all it cost us thou­sands of pounds.

“And on top of that they sent my wife abu­sive text mes­sages, just days af­ter giv­ing birth to our son.

“It was a very stress­ful time and we felt we had no one to turn to com­plain.

“The ten­ants found them­selves an­other home and we were sur­prised how easy it was for them to do that with­out a thought about how they treated our prop­erty.”

The land­lords we have quoted in this fea­ture asked not to be iden­ti­fied.

Rub­bish left at one home by ten­ants

The mess at a prop­erty which the land­lord was left to sort out af­ter the ten­ant left

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