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be­cause all of us are con­nected and a break­down in the con­nec­tiv­ity means that our abil­ity to func­tion is im­paired.

I think this char­ity is ful­fill­ing an im­por­tant piece of work and would en­cour­age or­gan­i­sa­tions to take up the call to build re­siliency.

Re­silience is also im­por­tant to all walks of life for us as in­di­vid­u­als and com­mu­ni­ties.

In the Chris­tian com­mu­nity we are en­cour­aged to meet reg­u­larly to pray and wor­ship.

By not meet­ing to­gether for prayer and wor­ship and to break bread can of­ten lead to us be­com­ing dis­cour­aged in our faith and to fall away from the com­mu­nity of faith.

The Let­ter to the He­brews refers to the saints of old who per­se­vered in their faith and call­ing.

Je­sus speaks of the dis­ci­ples need to en­dure to the end.

These themes of en­durance and per­se­ver­ance are cru­cial if we are to stay on course.

This is not al­ways easy be­cause of the chal­lenges that con­front us in life.

This is why we of­ten read about the lives of those who have been through dif­fi­cul­ties in life and yet have held on.

They of­ten cite an in­ner strength or faith that helped them.

Many re­fer to an­other power that aids them through dark times.

Peo­ple of faith usu­ally re­fer to God be­ing this higher power.

Chris­tians of­ten speak of Je­sus hold­ing their hand or be­ing with them through the storms.

What­ever your ex­pe­ri­ence I want to en­cour­age you to build re­silience.

Manch­ester Cathe­dral has been present in the city for hun­dreds of years.

Other places of faith have sim­i­lar his­to­ries and they are tes­ti­mony to re­silience and en­durance.

They are tes­ti­monies to faith, love and hope in a trou­bled and chal­leng­ing world!

We need per­sonal re­silience.

Our city needs re­silience! ●

Manch­ester Cathe­dral has re­mained re­silient in the face of an ever-chang­ing land­scape

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