Curb the cad­dies

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Time and time again we watch pro­fes­sion­als en­ter the put­ting arena, tak­ing their po­si­tions at dif­fer­ent places around the green. Play­ers look at their line of in­tended putt from four po­si­tions and con­sult their charts on the con­tours of the green. Then, their cad­dies go through the same rou­tine to con­firm that the player has cho­sen the right line.

Here’s an idea: what if the cad­die was banned from voic­ing his opin­ion on the putt, banned from the green – ex­cept to tend the flag – and the de­ci­sion was left to the player?

This could re­duce the time a group spends on a green by half. Can you imag­ine a four-ball hav­ing four opin­ions in­stead of eight? It would save maybe four min­utes per hole. That’s 72 min­utes per round. It might be worth a try.

Also, why not let cad­dies use dis­tance-mea­sur­ing de­vices dur­ing tour­na­ment play? Think of the time this would save. John Buck­ley, Nor­folk

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