Chip and run tech­nique

Golf Monthly - - Instructions -

The ba­sic low chip and run re­quires some­thing like a 9-iron, and you should look to land your ball on a flat part of the green. The ball should be mid­dle to back in your stance so that the an­gle of at­tack is steeper, the loft is less and it rolls more on land­ing. Feet and hips should be slightly open, and weight should be about 65 per cent on the front foot, put­ting your hands and ster­num slightly ahead of the ball. From here, re­tain the tri­an­gle cre­ated be­tween arms and shoul­ders and sim­ply rock them back and through with­out break­ing the wrists. Master this and you’ll not only get a con­sis­tent strike, but also know how the ball is likely to re­act and spin on land­ing.

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