Are you us­ing your weight cor­rectly and ef­fec­tively in the golf swing?

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Dy­namic bal­ance in the golf swing refers to the way in which you use your weight. As you are look­ing to make an ath­letic mo­tion with good body ro­ta­tion, it makes sense that your bal­ance point will change dur­ing the swing. Gen­er­ally speak­ing, with a 7-iron in hand you want your weight split evenly at ad­dress, and then for 80 per cent of it to shift into your right side by the time your reach the top of the back­swing.

From there, you then shift back to­wards the tar­get, so that 80 per cent is on your left side in the fin­ish. This is one of the fun­da­men­tals of a good golf swing. The same prin­ci­ples ap­ply in all sports – even in throw­ing a ball, where your weight moves to­wards the tar­get as you re­lease.

Peo­ple of­ten get fix­ated on keep­ing their head down. This can pre­vent the flow, or dy­namic bal­ance, that is so im­por­tant. Your head can move right and then left a frac­tion to help you ro­tate and then un­wind, but what you must avoid is for your head to lift or dip. Of course, good dy­namic bal­ance means that you should be able to hold your fin­ish un­til the ball lands.

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