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A 10g weight can be slot­ted into one of the three ports in the sole of this over­sized club­head, switch­ing shot shape be­tween draw, neu­tral and fade. Fur­ther ad­justa­bil­ity comes via the Quick Switch hosel, which ad­justs loft up or down by up to two de­grees.


Looks The JPX EZ driver is cer­tainly invit­ing to hit at ad­dress, and its gen­er­ous pro­file makes it look as for­giv­ing as it is. The club­face is easy to align and the crown graph­ics cer­tainly boost the shelf ap­peal.

Per­for­mance As ex­pected, this driver ex­cels at achiev­ing a con­sis­tently high and ac­cu­rate ball flight. With the op­tion of al­ter­ing shot shape, golfers can negate their miss or pro­mote their favoured shape with­out hav­ing to ad­just the face an­gle at the same time. In gen­eral, the JPX EZ pro­duces above av­er­age lev­els of spin, which makes it more ac­cu­rate and will also help slower-swing­ing golfers achieve more carry dis­tance. De­spite its size, it feels light and easy to swing, and the con­fi­dence this brings al­lows you to re­ally go af­ter the ball off the tee. From the sweetspot, it feels solid and pow­er­ful – some­thing that doesn’t drop off too much on off-cen­tre hits. The ad­justa­bil­ity is sim­ple and in­tu­itive, al­low­ing for fast and ef­fec­tive set-up changes. Con­sider this There isn’t a low-spin set­ting for fast swingers who would be en­ticed by the for­give­ness on of­fer. From Mizuno’s range, the JPX 850 model would be more suit­able.


An ex­cel­lent op­tion for the mid-toslow swinger seek­ing in­creased carry dis­tance, as well as ac­cu­racy, from a club­head that looks easy to hit.

WILL SUIT Mostly mid-to-slow swingers who need a lit­tle more spin for en­hanced carry dis­tance and ac­cu­racy The rounded crown en­ables more of the face to flex for in­creased ball speeds Three ports can house a 10g weight to al­ter the shot shape Mizuno’s...

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