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I can hit it pretty far, and when I hit it straight, too, driv­ing is def­i­nitely a strength. Some of it is about physique, but an­gle of at­tack is some­thing I’m al­ways look­ing at – try­ing to hit up on the ball in­stead of down. When­ever I swing it badly, I start to hit down on it, and that’s very com­mon among reg­u­lar golfers, too. You lose a lot of dis­tance that way, so don’t be afraid of hit­ting the ball re­ally high, be­cause that’s what you need to do to drive the ball a long way these days. I’m not re­ally work­ing on try­ing to hit the ball longer – I’m work­ing on try­ing to find it more of­ten! For me, ac­cu­racy is a lot about path, and hit­ting up on the ball from the in­side – not too much from the in­side, but a lit­tle more square

for more con­trol of the club­face. I’m try­ing to time it and keep the spin off, as you need high launch and low spin to re­ally get it out there. Play­ing the ball too far back in the stance – then com­ing a lit­tle across it and a lit­tle down on it – is where a lot of guys lose dis­tance with their drives. Keep the ball for­ward and make sure your shoul­ders are tilted a lit­tle. From there, just fo­cus on get­ting the ball up in the air, rather than try­ing to keep it low, keep it left or steer it. As I say, a lot of guys in Pro-Ams have the ball too far back, and even if it is for­ward in their stance, they then move their up­per bod­ies too far to the left, which ef­fec­tively brings the ball back in the stance again. Ad­justable driv­ers are fan­tas­tic. There was a point last year when I wasn’t launch­ing the ball high enough – I wasn’t tim­ing it well and I was hit­ting it quite low with too lit­tle spin. To re­solve the prob­lem, I just kept the same shaft and added half a de­gree of loft. Be­ing able to do that when your nor­mal swing has eluded you is re­ally quite use­ful. My driver is set to neu­tral now, be­cause I’m swing­ing it well, but at times I’ll tweak it a lit­tle to make it eas­ier for me to hit the ball straight. Why wouldn’t you do that if you have the op­tion? Of course, it’s ob­vi­ously no sub­sti­tute for iron­ing out the un­der­ly­ing swing is­sues, but if I can straighten things out quickly by just tweak­ing the club a lit­tle bit, I’m more than happy to do that.

swing path Hit up on the ball from the in­side for more club­face con­trol tech­nol­ogy Ad­just­ing your driver set-up can be a quick way to straighten up shoul­ders Make sure they are tilted a lit­tle and fo­cus on get­ting the ball in the air

AL­WAYS... NEVER... Have the ball for­ward in your stance and hit up on it to max­imise carry dis­tance Get too tech­ni­cal. If you’re too wrapped up in tech­nique and num­bers, it’s hard to play with feel Words Lu­cas Bjer­re­gaard with Jeremy Ell­wood...

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