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My ball came to rest on a step go­ing down into a bunker. There was noth­ing on the back of the score­card so I de­cided to play it off the step. I toyed with the idea of play­ing a sec­ond ball. As­sum­ing a drop was okay, I couldn’t drop any­where in the bunker that wasn’t closer to the hole. I pre­sume, there­fore, that a drop out­side the bunker would be a penalty drop? saw­tooth, GM web­site fo­rum Steps are man-made ob­jects and are con­sid­ered to be im­mov­able ob­struc­tions un­der the Rules. If a player has in­ter­fer­ence from the steps, free re­lief is avail­able un­der Rule 24. The key to re­lief is the po­si­tion of the ball and where the ball lies, rather than the po­si­tion of the steps. A ball is in a bunker when it lies in or any part of it touches the bunker. There­fore, if the ball was ly­ing on a step above the sand level, it would be con­sid­ered to lie through the green. If the ball is not within the mar­gin of the bunker and the player has in­ter­fer­ence from the steps, re­lief is granted un­der Rule 24-2(i) and the ball is dropped through the green – that is, out­side of the bunker. Shona McRae R&A as­sis­tant direc­tor - Rules

Steps are con­sid­ered im­mov­able ob­struc­tions

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