KEY TECH A heavy head com­bined with the loft of a mid-iron and a put­ter-length shaft In­con­sis­tent chip­pers crav­ing a sim­pli­fied and smoother ac­tion HOW MUCH £109 AIMED AT

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Odyssey started coun­ter­bal­anc­ing its put­ters with the Tank range a few years ago, and that fam­ily has been so suc­cess­ful that the brand has now de­cided to take what it has learned and ap­ply it to a new chip­per.

At 37˚ the X-Act Tank chip­per has the loft of an 8-iron, but at just 35.5in long and with an over­sized grip, it has the feel of a put­ter. It’s a com­bi­na­tion that Odyssey be­lieves will help ner­vous chip­pers find a smoother and more con­sis­tent ac­tion.

As well as an over­sized grip to qui­eten the hands, the chip­per also fea­tures a poly­mer in­sert for soft feel and Odyssey’s Marx­man align­ment sys­tem, which fea­tures two stripes that make it eas­ier to line up ac­cu­rately.

As with the Tank put­ters, a heav­ier 355g head makes it more twistre­sis­tant, while a hy­brid-like sole de­sign im­proves turf in­ter­ac­tion, es­pe­cially on tight lies, to help elim­i­nate stubbed or bladed shots.

On sale now in right- and left­handed op­tions, the X-Act Tank chip­per re­tails at £109.

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