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Play­ing re­cently, the sun glint­ing off the tee mark­ers made the blue tees look white. Both my fel­low com­peti­tors played from the wrong tee (I only no­ticed as I was tee­ing up). They both ac­cepted their penal­ties and off we went to the cor­rect tee. One of them had hit his ball into the hay from the wrong tee and was about to play a pro­vi­sional, so as it was likely to be lost, was he play­ing three or five from the cor­rect tee? Driv­en2Dis­trac­tion, GM web­site fo­rum Un­der Rule 11-5, your fel­low­com­peti­tor in­curs a penalty of two strokes and is re­quired to cor­rect his er­ror and play from the cor­rect tee­ing ground. The stroke played from the wrong tee­ing ground and any sub­se­quent strokes prior to his cor­rec­tion of the mis­take do not count in his score, so the ball that may be lost does not count. He would then be play­ing his first stroke from the cor­rect tee­ing ground, with a two-stroke penalty added to his score. In other words, he would be play­ing three from the cor­rect tee­ing ground. Shona McRae, R&A as­sis­tant direc­tor - Rules

Play­ing from the wrong tee will prove costly in stroke play

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