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In stroke play, Fer­gus re­moves some sand cov­er­ing a ball in the bunker to es­tab­lish if it is his, brush­ing sand aside rather than mark­ing and lift­ing his ball to iden­tify it. What is the rul­ing? In match play, Jezz’s ball lies close to a shel­ter on his line of play but it does not phys­i­cally in­ter­fere with his stance or the area of his in­tended swing. What is the rul­ing?

Jezz is en­ti­tled to free re­lief from the shel­ter on his line of play. Jezz must play the ball as it lies al­ter­ing his line of play if nec­es­sary, or may de­clare it un­playable. Jezz must de­clare the ball un­playable.

There is no penalty. Fer­gus in­curs a penalty of one stroke. Fer­gus in­curs a penalty of two strokes.

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