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sur­faces around the points where it comes into con­tact with your hand mean you won’t lose out on sta­bil­ity. In­creas­ing the range of the Jolt fea­ture will please long hit­ters who want to know ex­act dis­tances when hit­ting into par 5s. A re­cent change in the Rules of Golf means that slope lasers can now be used in com­pe­ti­tions, pro­vid­ing that spe­cific func­tion is dis­abled and there is a Lo­cal Rule in place al­low­ing dis­tance-mea­sur­ing de­vices. This will en­cour­age golfers to up­grade to the Slope ver­sion of the Tour V4 (£315, dis­tin­guished by its red trim), safe in the knowl­edge that they can dis­able the fea­ture and use it legally in com­pe­ti­tions while ben­e­fit­ing from its en­hanced ac­cu­racy in friendly knocks. The Tour V4 is ideal for golfers who play hilly golf cour­ses, lots of dif­fer­ent cour­ses, or lots of pre-com­pe­ti­tion prac­tice rounds as they’ll no longer need to buy two sep­a­rate de­vices. Con­sider this Not as user-friendly as the Tour X. It can be time-con­sum­ing to turn off the Slope func­tion.

VER­DICT An im­prove­ment on the Tour V3, it’s com­pact and light, easy to use and pro­vides fast and ac­cu­rate yardages.

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