Joel Tad­man high­lights nine equip­ment mis­takes that could be hold­ing you back

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s golfers, we are faced with a set of tasks dur­ing a round of 18 holes that re­quire the right tool (a cer­tain club) to ex­e­cute them ef­fi­ciently. If the tool is worn out or miss­ing al­to­gether, it makes the job that much harder. Here are nine of the most com­mon pit­falls club golfers are guilty of when it comes to the gear in their golf bags. Hope­fully, not many of them are fa­mil­iar to you…

AWORN-OUT WEDGES The chances of see­ing a check­ing chip shot di­min­ish dras­ti­cally the more worn the grooves on your wedges are. Wedges in play for 100-plus rounds ver­sus new wedges pro­duce a sig­nif­i­cant drop in spin. You should con­sider chang­ing your wedges ev­ery 12 to 18 months if you play reg­u­larly.

CLUBS OFF THE SHELF Man­u­fac­tur­ers do many things to make their clubs catch your eye on the shelf, but that doesn’t mean they are right for you. A proper cus­tom fit­ting gives you piece of mind that the club you’ve in­vested in has been built to suit your swing, rather than you try­ing to swing in a way that gets the club to per­form.

WORN-IN SHOES There may be some truth in shoes be­com­ing more com­fort­able the longer you wear them, but this doesn’t last forever. As soon as you can see signs of wear, re­place them to en­sure you’re not A fit­ted, up-to-date set of clubs might just save you a few shots

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