Fair­way wood strik­ing

Don’t be afraid to ex­per­i­ment with your ad­dress po­si­tion

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If you are strug­gling with your fair­way woods, it might be time for a shift in think­ing. Start by ask­ing your­self: are you bet­ter with your driver or your irons?

If your driver is more re­li­able, you should use a sim­i­lar ad­dress po­si­tion. Move the ball for­ward in your stance, but not quite as far as you would with your driver – I’d say four fifths of the way to the left foot is good. Then tilt your spine away from the tar­get a frac­tion to help cre­ate the sweep­ing mo­tion you are look­ing for. From here, make a nor­mal swing and you should pro­duce a high flight with plenty of carry.

If your irons are more re­li­able, move the ball slightly fur­ther back in your stance so that your hands are di­rectly above the ball at ad­dress. Your shoul­ders will be more level and you’ll cre­ate a steeper an­gle of at­tack into the ball (don’t be afraid to take a small divot, that’s fine). The ball flight here will be slightly lower and you’ll get much more roll af­ter land­ing.

Driver ad­dress Iron ad­dress An­gle of at­tack

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