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Three-part align­ment Hav­ing opened the face of your wedge, if you sit it down be­hind the ball you will no­tice that it points to the right of the tar­get. If you think about a clock­face, the tar­get line is at 12 o’clock; the face of your wedge should be point­ing at one. Now set your stance – your feet should be aim­ing at 11 o’clock. I see a lot of golfers al­most point­ing the club at three o’clock and their feet at nine o’clock but this makes the shot far too com­pli­cated to play well. With such a vast dif­fer­ence in your club and body align­ment, it is al­most im­pos­si­ble to hit the ball in the di­rec­tion you want to. So set a slightly open body po­si­tion and swing the club along the line of your body. This will help you find the ideal loft and di­rec­tion you are look­ing for.

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