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Nine pages of Tour tips that might rev­o­lu­tionise your game. Star­ring Dustin Johnson, Jor­dan Spi­eth and Hen­rik Sten­son.

I like to keep things sim­ple when I’m putting. My only fo­cus dur­ing the stroke is keep­ing the back of my left wrist as flat as pos­si­ble. This keeps the put­ter head swing­ing along the tar­get line and the face square to your tar­get. It’s a lot eas­ier to start the ball on line and putt con­sis­tently with a stroke that keeps the face square to your tar­get and on a straight path rather than a tech­nique with a curved path and face ro­ta­tion. I also rec­om­mend ama­teurs use a for­ward press to start their stroke be­cause it’s a great way to go from static and tense to dy­namic and re­laxed.

Hold the fin­ish Try hold­ing your fol­low-through to build a smooth rhythm, en­cour­age a straight path and check that your put­ter face is square to the tar­get when you’ve fin­ished.

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