‘As­sess the lie to pick the right re­cov­ery shot from the rough’

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Most ama­teurs hit poor shots from the rough be­cause they try some­thing to­tally un­re­al­is­tic – usu­ally try­ing to hit a mid or long iron from a lie that not even a tour pro would at­tempt the shot from. Some­times you can go for the green but check the lie be­fore you de­cide on your club. If it’s a bad lie, be smart and get the ball back into play. But if you’ve got a rea­son­able lie you can go for it. Ad­just your set-up and tech­nique de­pend­ing on whether it’s sit­ting up or down, as I de­scribe be­low.

Favour your left side with your weight and move the ball a frac­tion fur­ther back in your stance to en­cour­age a steeper swing that will get the club­head down to the back of the ball for con­tact that is as clean as pos­si­ble. The more you hit down on the ball the higher it will launch. Grip the club a lit­tle shorter given the ball is off the ground and you don’t want to swing un­derneath it and make con­tact high on the club­face – in that sce­nario, the ball will come out dead and fall short of your tar­get. You still want to hit down on the ball for a solid strike. The first thing you have to do is an­a­lyse how the ball is sit­ting. If the ball is sat up on top of the grass you can try and get it to the green. But if it’s sat down then the max­i­mum you can use is a short iron be­cause you need loft to get the ball in the air. When it’s sit­ting up… When it’s sit­ting down… As­sess the lie

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