Your head and hand po­si­tion are vi­tal for con­sis­tency

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The qual­ity of your putting is to a large de­gree de­ter­mined by the qual­ity of your ba­sics. You’ll no­tice I haven’t talked too much about the stroke. That’s be­cause if your pos­ture, align­ment and eye­line are good, the stroke it­self is pretty sim­ple – it’s just about good rhythm and keep­ing your head steady so you can strike putts con­sis­tently. Here’s what I fo­cus on at ad­dress to achieve that.

Keep it sim­ple over the ball “One of the things that makes me such a con­sis­tently good put­ter is that my set-up is very sim­ple. I stand to the ball in a stan­dard po­si­tion with my feet, knees, hips and shoul­ders par­al­lel to my tar­get line.”

Keep the shaft ver­ti­cal “I like to have my hands in a neu­tral po­si­tion so they aren’t pushed too far for­ward ahead of the ball or po­si­tioned way be­hind it. This puts the shaft in a ver­ti­cal po­si­tion at ad­dress. Be­cause of this, I use less loft than most play­ers. Where most play­ers will have 3° or 3.5° loft on their put­ter, I have only 2° to 2.5°. It’s im­por­tant that the set-up and loft of your put­ter match your ad­dress po­si­tion and stroke.”

Get a pure roll “The last thing you want is the ball to skid too much off the put­ter face. This is cru­cial on quick greens. It’s dif­fi­cult to ac­cu­rately judge dis­tance if your ball starts off with a hop. For a truer roll, I play the ball slightly for­ward of cen­tre in my stance. This helps me hit up on the ball a lit­tle.”

Fo­cus on your grip pres­sure “I hold the put­ter with enough strength to pre­vent it mov­ing once I’ve taken my grip. Even min­i­mal move­ment can cause the put­ter to twist in your hands at ad­dress or dur­ing the stroke. If this hap­pens, it’ll af­fect your aim and ei­ther add to or de­crease the loft on the put­ter face. At the same time, I don’t want to hold it so tightly that it cre­ates ten­sion in the rest of my arms and body.”

June 2017

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