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With re­gard to the let­ter you ran last is­sue (‘Col­lar Com­plaint’), I can­not see any ob­jec­tion to wear­ing a shirt without a col­lar. I can also see no rea­son why shirts need to be tucked in.

I like to play golf with my shirt out. It makes me feel more re­laxed and cooler on hot days. I still look smart but ca­sual.

We some­times see some laugh­able out­fits on the cour­ses we play, but they have their shirts tucked in so that’s OK. And what is this prob­lem with jeans? As my son has pointed out, he will pay up to £100 for a pair of jeans that aren’t ac­cept­able on the course, yet it’s OK to play with a scruffy pair of £15 trousers bought from a su­per­mar­ket.

I have played most of the cour­ses in Nor­folk without tuck­ing in my shirt and have yet to be told that I wasn’t suit­ably dressed. As I pay nearly £1,000 a year for my mem­ber­ship, I feel en­ti­tled to play dressed as I feel com­fort­able, pro­vid­ing I’m not scruffy.

I agree that we need to keep our stan­dards in the game, but surely play­ing with your shirt un­tucked is not low­er­ing them. This is 2017, af­ter all, not 1917.

A bit of po­lite­ness and con­sid­er­a­tion on the course is more im­por­tant than get­ting up­set about a col­lar­less shirt or tuck­ing your shirt in. Richard Gayfer, Holt

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