By Keith Sbar­baro, Tay­lorMade Tour

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I got to spend a day with Rory shortly af­ter the Masters. I knew he’d been play­ing other stuff this year and that he’d had a few is­sues. I knew that our ball would solve those is­sues. I told him that be­fore we tested, so all I had to do was show him.

Thank­fully, we were able to test in Florida where it was windy. With Track­man you can see how far the ball ac­tu­ally flies and you can see the launch an­gle, spin and ball speed. Im­por­tantly, you can track this data in a ‘nor­malised’ and ‘un­nor­malised’ mode.

In the nor­malised mode, the top play­ers hit the ball vir­tu­ally the same dis­tance ev­ery time with any given club. When we asked Rory to hit 7-irons in nor­malised mode, all of his shots were within three or four yards of 185 yards. In un­nor­malised mode hit­ting his pre­vi­ous ball, some shots flew 153 yards and oth­ers flew 173. There was a 20-yard gap be­tween short and long. With the TP5x that dif­fer­ence re­duced from 20 yards to 10 yards. We couldn’t be­lieve it so we tested again with an­other 10 balls, then again with an­other 10. Same re­sult. The per­for­mance in the wind was what sold him on the ball.

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