Cleve­land RTX-3 wedge

Web: www.cleve­land­ Price: £120 Tested by: Kit Alexan­der ‘The club­head feels great glid­ing through the turf and I’ve felt the bounce save me a few times’

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Clas­sic looks

I’m a tra­di­tion­al­ist when it comes to wedges and the RTX-3 pro­file is clean and sim­ple to look at. I love the straighter lead­ing edge as it helps me square the face up and sits tight in be­hind the ball. The raw fin­ish doesn’t re­flect any sun­light.

Great through the turf

I was cus­tom fit­ted and I’m ab­so­lutely con­fi­dent with my bounce and grind. The club­head feels great glid­ing through the turf and I’ve felt the bounce save me a few times when I know I haven’t struck it as crisply as I’d like. The grind also keeps the lead­ing edge tight to the turf when I open the blade, which I love.

Groove wear

I’ve been us­ing th­ese wedges for about eight months. The grooves were ex­tremely spinny when they were new but they are no­tice­ably less sharp when you look at the face now and I’ve no­ticed a drop-off in spin. This wear hap­pens with all wedges but it goes to show the im­por­tance of keep­ing your grooves clean and sharp.

Im­pres­sive dis­tance

I know wedges aren’t re­ally about how far you can hit them but you don’t want a mas­sive dropoff and dis­tance gap when you move from your irons into the wedges. They are im­pres­sively pow­er­ful for a spe­cial­ist forged wedge and give me a smooth tran­si­tion from PW down.

Solid con­sis­tency

I find it pretty easy to con­trol the flight and dis­tance, and I usu­ally rely on th­ese wedges to make a good score – whether it’s ap­proach shots or sav­ing par around the greens. That be­ing said, I do have the oc­ca­sional shot that comes a lit­tle out the toe and loses dis­tance on pitches and spin on chips.

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