‘Chip with stiff wrists for more con­sis­tency’

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If you’re a con­fi­dent chip­per it can re­ally take the pres­sure off the rest of your game, be­cause you have faith that you can get upand-down if you do miss the green. Im­prove your chip­ping and you’ll usu­ally find the rest of your game and your scores im­prove more than you’d ex­pect.

Chip­ping should be one of the more straight­for­ward as­pects of the game. It’s a short swing so you don’t have to think about stuff like weight shift and turn­ing your shoul­ders. Yet I still see so many am­a­teurs hav­ing prob­lems. These thoughts will help.

Pick your land­ing spot

I al­ways be­gin by pick­ing out the spot where I want the ball to land to re­lease to the flag based on the lie and club I’m us­ing. My thought on any straight­for­ward chip is to swing the club ‘on the arc’. To do that, I like to elim­i­nate any wrist ac­tion.

Rock your shoul­ders

I chip with stiff wrists, which al­lows me to re­turn the club­face to the ball the same way ev­ery time. You can see here that my wrists haven’t hinged or cocked and the club­head has stayed quite low to the ground. I take it away by rock­ing my shoul­ders.

Con­sis­tent club de­liv­ery

Sim­ply turn­ing my shoul­ders back through the ball with­out hav­ing to worry about ma­nip­u­lat­ing my wrists en­ables me to present the true loft of the club at im­pact. This makes the ball fly and roll con­sis­tently so I’m able gauge dis­tance pretty eas­ily.

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