Build a re­peat­able ac­tion and learn to shape the ball to knock it close to any pin.

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My back isn’t as straight as some­one ab­so­lutely text­book like Adam Scott, but I’m cer­tainly not slouched ei­ther. I like to be ath­letic and com­fort­able, with­out be­ing too rigid. Not ev­ery­one is built the same so find the pos­ture that works for you. I splay my left foot slightly open to help my weight move into my left side in the down­swing and through im­pact.


I’ve been work­ing hard on get­ting more neu­tral in the takeaway. That means qui­eter hands and more of a one piece move for the first few feet. The shaft should par­al­lel to the tar­get line as it passes through hor­i­zon­tal, with the club­head point­ing straight up. Sim­ply turn­ing your lead shoul­der un­der your chin should set the club in this po­si­tion, but make sure you also move your arms and hands away from the body to cre­ate width.


I never re­ally think about where the club is at the top. I know I used to get a lit­tle bit across the line, but it’s in a much bet­ter po­si­tion now be­cause of the more neu­tral takeaway. Swing short of par­al­lel with your irons and you’ll have much more con­trol.


Im­pact is al­ways my main fo­cus. Too many golfers ob­sess over other po­si­tions but this is the mo­ment that re­ally mat­ters. When the club reaches this po­si­tion, I want it do­ing as lit­tle as pos­si­ble, so I don’t want the hands work­ing. This takes tim­ing out of things so it’s a much more re­peat­able and con­sis­tent ac­tion. To achieve more sta­bil­ity, I try to hit against a firm left side with my left thigh stay­ing solid at im­pact. Like hit­ting against a wall, it helps my bot­tom half stay square that lit­tle bit longer be­fore turn­ing through to the tar­get.


I hit quite a lot of irons shots with a trun­cated fol­low-through. It de­pends on the flight I want but I find this shorter fin­ish pro­duces a lower flight while I’ll go for a full fin­ish if I want to hit it higher. Hold­ing that shorter fin­ish is also a great drill to im­prove your ball-strik­ing.

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